Bilingual Class Program

Our bilingual class is conducted by two qualified Indonesian teachers and one English native speaker. The classroom is specially designed with the maximum number of students=24.


We follow a unique curriculum which has been carefully designed using the national curriculum (KTSP) and presented in various teaching methods by applying the use of multi media. The students will learn Religion, Civic, Bahasa Indonesia, Mathematics (in English), Science (in English), Social, Physical Education, Arts, English (with native speaker), Computer (in English) , and Character Building. Besides, students will have English class everyday. So, they will be able to use English in class and out of class.

University of Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages, Young Learner English Examinations ( YLE Starters, YLE Movers, YLE Flyers) are administered at the end grades 2,4 and 6.


Monday - Thursday, starts from 06.30 to 12.30
Friday, starts from 06.30 to 11.50 am


We also provide extra curricular activities to meet students' interests
1. Basketball
2. Futsal
3. Tae kwon do
4. Music
5. Drawing
6. Marching band
7. Marawis
8. Dance class
9. Computer club.
10. B Smart English Program